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MARYHILL [parish] Maryhill parish
Maryhill Parish
Maryhill Parish
Maryhill Parish Maryhill Parish
Valuation Roll
D. Robertson, Poor Law Inspector
Revd. [Reverend] J. Arhtur, Springburn
John Russell, Schoolmaster
Sheriff's List of Meresmen
001; 006 A parish erected & disjoined from the Barony Parish of Glasgow under the provisions of the Act 7th & 8th Vict. [Victoria] Cap. [Citation of Acts of Parliament] 44, entituled "An Act to facilitate the disjoining or dividing of extensive, or populous parishes, & the erecting of new parishes in that part of the United Kingdom called Scotland; and it is further enacted (Sect [Section] 6th) and whereas in some large & populous parishes which it may be considered necessary or proper to divide into two or more parishes, there area number of poor persons, the greater portion of whom reside in or near the same locality, such locality being sometimes the least wealthy;be it enacted., that it shall belawful for the Lords of Council & sessions if they see cause so to do, to declare and provide, that notwithstanding such divisions or disjunction, the original parish, shall, in so far as regards the support & management of the poor, remain & regard as one parish; and in every such case there shall be one Kirk Session consisting of the members of the Kirk Sessions of all the parishes within the bounds of the original parish, in all mattes & questions relating to the support & management of the poor."
The village or town of Maryhill is in the N.W. [North West] of the parish & has a population of about 4000. There are good many ironstone pits in the parish & a few large freestone quarries where it joins Cadder Ph. [Parish] in the east. The River Clyde bounds this parish on the south , the Kelvin on the west, Cadder & Sprinburn on the noth & east. A portion of the City of Glasgow is within the bounds of Maryhill Parish

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Lanarkshire -- Maryhill Parish
There is not any portion of the parish of Maryhill detached within any other Parish nor is there any portion of any other Parish contained within the bounds of this Parish.

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