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The Medwin
The Medwyn
The Medwyn
The Medwyn
The Medwyn
The Medwyn
Medwin W
Medwin Water
River Medwin
Revd. [Reverend] John Lawrie
Mr. William Black
Revd. [Reverend] John Vary
Mr Hugh Smith
Mr David Aitken
Mr William Watson
Robert Denholm Esqr.
Johnstons County Map
Forrests Map
Sketch Map
Statistical Acct. [Account]
The Authorities, having been re-consulted regarding the orthography of this name and the best mode of writing it, say "The Medwyn"
026.10 A large Stream, which is formed by the meeting of two smaller ones, named North Medwyn & South Medwyn, and retains this name to its confluence with the River Clyde, its banks are low, and owing to its course being entirely through holmland, it is extremely crooked, and its waters very sluggish. It forms the Bdy. [Boundary] of the Parish of Liberton, in conjunction with the Phs. [Parishes] of Carnwath & Pettinain.

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Parish of Liberton

Written in red in Column 1 -
The Medwin adopted by order of Col. [Colonel] Cameron See remarks on Dunsyre Parish Page 5.

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