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ABBEY (Site of) [Lesmahagow] 031.08 A monastery was founded in this parish by David I in 1140. It was dependent on the abbey of Kelso and hence the village which collected round it received the name of Abbey Green which it still retains. This village is nearly in the centre of the parish, and about twenty-two miles from Glasgow. ** There are no historical events of importance connected with Lesmahago, except the burning by the brother of Edward III of the abbey, and its destruction a second time by fire, kindled by the zeal of the old reformers *** The remains of an old abbey were pulled down about thirty years ago, to make room for a modern church.
From Statistical Account (1841)
There is no part of Lesmahagow called the Abbey Green at the present time - The Abbey was founded in 1140, 32 years before Holyrood and 230 before Westminster. The church attached to the Abbey was a plain, Gothic cruciform erection and stood some centuries after the destruction of the Abbey on the ground now covered by the modern building used as the present church.
Fragments of a mullioned window and other details of a Gothic building have been found at different times in various parts of the village, and at considerable distances from the Church. All local information and traditions have been collected but they do not lead to a conjecture of the site of the Abbey -
Information supplied by the Examiner on his being requested to mark the site of the Abbey.
LESMAHAGOW [village] Lesmahagow
Abbey Green
Rev A McNaughton
Mr D Campbell
Mr J Blair
Statistical Account
031.08 A large village situated near the centre of the Ph [Parish]. It contains branch offices of the Western Bank of Scotland & the City of Glasgow Bank, a large Ph [Parish[ Church, a large Free Church and two churches belonging to the Independent & Reformed Presbyterian bodies; several inns, a post office, reading room & library. The main section of the village contains some good two storey buildings, the other portions consist generally of thatched, low, houses. It is tenanted by a weaving population. The site of the old abbey of Lesmahagow is covered with buildings or causeway

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