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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
ST PATRICK'S COTTAGE St Patrick's Cottage
St Patrick's Cottage
St Patrick's Cottage
Rev Alex [Alexander] McGlashan
Rev Thos [Thomas] Stark
Mr Robt [Robert] Wood
025.15 A one storey dwelling house, slated and in very good repair, property of Mrs Eliza Gibson. Has derived its name from its proximity to the well.
ST PATRICK'S WELL St Patrick's Well
St Patrick's Well
St Patrick's Well
Rev Alex. [Alexander] McGlashan
Rev Thos [Thomas] Stark
Mr Robert Wood
025.15 A jet of water, conducted for a short distance by pipes to the side of a Ph [Parish] Road, from a well, the well is now covered, but it is stated that it supplied the town of Lanark with water some few years since.
This well possesses no medicinal properties - It cannot be ascertained how, or when it obtained the name.
Rev Alexander McGlashan
Rev Thomas Slack
Mr Robert Wood
025.15 A two storey dwelling house, together with an office house, one storey; the former is slated, the latter thatched, all in good repair, property of Mr John Swan.

Continued entries/extra info

45 [right corner of header]
Parish of Lanark [in header]

O.S.O [Ordnance Survey Office ?] Stirling
It is requested that the authorities given for this name in the 1/500 name book of Lanark be copied into this book - TL [under name "Dovecot Dubs"]

Transcriber's notes

The Name "Dovecot Dubs" which appears on this page, also appears correctly, on page OS1/21/42/13. It appears that this has been a double entry by the surveyor, see also additional information in Continued entry regarding this Name. Admin informed.

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