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CAMP (Site of) [Lanark Moor] 025.16 "There are remains of two Roman camps in the neighbourhood of Lanark. The most considerable is not far from Cleghorn-house, and was thought by General Roy to have been the work of Agricola
It measures 600 yards in length, and 420 in breadth, and at the south-west angle has a small post or redoubt. The other is situated upon Lanark moor, on the opposite side of the Moss, and within a mile of one in the adjoining parish of Carstairs, apparently of later construction, and of which the vestiges are much more distinct. Through this passed the great Roman road from Carlisle to the wall of Sutouinus, leaving the camp at Cleghorn upon the right".
Stat. [Statistical] Acct. [Account] Page 12.
There is the site of a small Roman camp on the borders of Lanark Moor - no vestiges of it remain at present, the place where it stood having been levelled, drained and cultivated about 12 years ago
It is very doubtful that the Roman Road ever passed through the Camp on Lanark Moor, as stated in the Stat. [Statistical] Acc [Account] its direction does not favor the idea, and the person who destroyed the camp states that no remains were discovered to confirm the conclusion arrived at by the writer of the Stat. [Statistical] Acct [Account]
ROMAN ROAD [Lanark parish] Roman Road
Roman Road
Roman Road
Revd Alexr. [Alexander] McGlashan
Revd Thos [Thomas] Stark
Mr Wm [William] Ballantyne
025.03 The site of this road cannot be pointed out or identified beyond the place where it is shown to terminate on Plan 25.12.- With the exception of the portion shewn by black dotted lines on Plan 25.8 no remains exist. The site has been pointed out by old residents and there is no reason to doubt its accuracy as the persons by whom it was pointed out assisted at the digging up of the stones of which it was composed - The portion referred to on 25.8 is well defined the stones composing it never having been disturbed.

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Transcriber's notes

The Name "Roman Road" on this page appears to have been amalgamated by the surveyor along with "Site of Roman Road" which has not been pre-populated. There seems no purpose in requesting a further pre-population in this instance.

The Description for "Camp" spreads into the Situation column as well as that of Description. No entries appear for Spelling of Authorities for this place. The description implies that two such camps exist in the Parish, but only this one set of details appear to have been recorded.

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