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WALLACE'S CAVE Wallace's Cave
Wallace's Cave
Wallace's Cave
Wallaces Cave
Wallaces Cave
Rev Alexr [Alexander] McGlashan
Mr John Gray
Mr Wm [William] Ballantyne
Forrests County Map
Johnstons County Map
025.10 A natural cave or hollow in the cliff in the western extremity of Cartland Craigs on the north side & about fifty feet above the bed of the stream. It is 6 feet in height 2 wide & 8 in length. Access to it is my means of a winding foot path from the top. According to tradition this cave afforded concealment to the Scottish patriot Sir William Wallace on several occasions, hence its name -
"The popular tradition that a cave in this ravine (Cartland Crag) once afford [afforded] a refuge to the patriot Sir William Wallace, gives addition [additional] interest to the scene"
Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

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