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"Some trace the origin of the name of this parish to the Latin terms Lana and arca, quasi the Woolchest; others to Law-cerig, the bank of the river; or to the Gaelic words Lan, signifying a house, repository, or church and deare, a bilberry. A derivation equally probable is that given by Chalmers in his Caledonia; namely from Llannerch, which in several places in Wales is applied to a slip of level ground, or a vale."
The parish lies pretty nearly in the centre of the county to which it gives its name. It is of any irregular oblong form; in the South about 3, in the north about 5 miles broad. It is from 6 to 7 miles in length; and stretches along the eastern bank of the river Clyde, which seperates it on the south from Pettinain and Carmichael, and on the west from Lesmahagoe. The adjacent parish on the north is Carluke, from which it is partly divided by Mashoch burn. Carstairs bounds it on the east.
The ground nowhere rises into any eminence deserving the name of a hill.
There is no extensive sheet of water in the parish. Lang-loch to the south-east, is the largest. There are places however, which bear evident marks of having formerly been under water, particularly the low valley adjoining the house of Lee, amounting to more than 100 acres.
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