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Lanarkshire -- Lamington and Wandel Parish

Site of Chapel contd:
person who can recollect having observed anything of the kind" (On the ancient camps of the Upper Ward of Lanarkshire By G, V, Irving Esqr) Reprinted from the journal of the Archaeological Association.
Near the line of the Caledonian Railway and about a quarter of a mile from the South boundary of the parish, there can be distinctly traced on the ground the remains of a Sod wall enclosing an area of about an acre, on the North side of this enclosure, there is distinctly marked on the ground what appears by its formation to have been a building which is now grown over with grass and heather like the surrounding ground, Mr Haddow the present Tenant of Cold Chapel says that he has resided at Cold Chapel between 30 and 40 years, and he has always considered and been told that this was the place where the Chapel stood, and from which the name of the farm is derived. The present Minister of the parish (Revd [Reverend] C Hope) says that he has always considered the name of the farm to be derived from this Chapel, but had never visited the site. Mr Haddow says that he does not remember being asked any questions about this by Mr Irving.

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