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CAMP [N of Cold Chapel] Camp
John Haddow (Cold Chapel)
Samuel Paton (Parish Surveyor)
New Statl Act [Statistical Account]
G. V. Irving Esqr
043.09 About a quarter of a mile North from the farm house of Cold Chapel and 150 yards East from the line of the Caledonian Railway are the remains of a large Camp, which appears to have been fortified by a rampart composed of a mixture of loose stones and earth, at present the rampart is about 4 feet high, but there is no appearance of a ditch, the form of the Camp is circular, but Mr Haddow states that it had a very irregular appearace at one time which was caused by some outworks on the West side, composed chiefly of loose stones which were removed by him, when making improvement about 13 years ago. This Camp is situated on a gentle slope and commands an extensive view to the South, North and West, the ground rises rather abruptly to the East and the view is not so extensive it appears to have had a stronger rampart on this side than on any other. "There is a Camp pretty entire near the farm house of Cauldchapel said to be 60 yards in diameter". (New Statl Act. [Statistical Account]). "In the Parish of Lamington we come to the undoubted remains of a Roman post and its square form [evinces], near the Roman Road between Catchapel and Little Gill". (Chalmer's Cal [Caledonia], Vol,1,P,1[54]

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There is a reference, in columns 2-3 to 'See extracts from Roy and Chalmers on the Roman Road', referred from underlined a above 'very irregular'

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