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CAIRNS (Site of) [Cold Chapel] Site of Cairns
Moat or Tumulus
John Haddow (Cold Chapel)
New Statl. Act. [Statistical Account]
043.09 There formerly stood at this place two Cairns composed if stones loosely thrown together the smallest on the South was taken down about 50 years ago and there is no tradition about any thing curious being found in it. The largest stood on the North side of the small one it was taken down by the present Tenant of Cold Chapel (Mr J, Haddow) who states that it contained about 250 cart loads of stones the largest being built round the outside and small ones thrown promiscuously together, filled up the centre, when these were remove there was found at the bottom two rectangular Graves or Cists, composed of four flat stones for the sides, and ends, and covered over the top by a slab; at the bottom of these Cists was found a small quantity of black greasy earth or loam, such as might be expected from the slow decomposition of animal matter, but no bones. "Close to Cauldchapel, also, there is a moat or tumulus about 20 yards in diameter and 5 in height, there was formerly a smaller one near it." (New Statl Act. [Statistical Account]) the site of these is very easily observed on the ground by its elevation and their circular shape, and stones are still turned up in great quantities by the plough.

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