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BOWER OF WANDEL (Remains of) Bower of Wandell
The Bower
Bowel of Wandell
Bower of Wandell
New Statl. [Statistical] Account.
Ebenezer Lindsay. (Hartside)
Revd. [Reverend] Charles Hope (Lamington)
Samuel Paton (Parish Surveyor0
See authorities for the orthography of Wandel. P.1
043.02 The ruins of this building are situated on a small knoll in a bend of the River Clyde on the farm of Hartside, all that can be seen on the ground is, what appears to be part of the exterior walls, standing about 3 feet high and they are about 4 feet in thickness, and strongly cemented together; the date of its erection is not known but Mr Hope says that it was a favourite resort of James V of Scotland and that it was here he kept the famed Miss Sandila[nds] after he disgraced and abandoned Marjory Weir, the daughter of Sir Thomas Weir of Blackwood, (See legends of the Upper Ward) Mr Paton states that Lamington and Wandell were formed for Deer and other game and that this was one of the hunting seats of James V. The remains of this building are in the ancient Parish of Wandell.

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Lanarkshire -- Lamington and Wandel Parish

Bower of Wandel
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"Upon one of these little eminences, in the South-west corner of this little territory and with its rocky base shelving into the Clyde, stands the Bower of Wandell, Little of it indeed now remains, nor does it appear from its outlines to have been of any great extent, though probably it was built with some attention to security. King James V., when tired of the cares of state and trammels of a court, is said to have pursued his favourite sport of deer stalking, among the once woody hills and glens of Hartside" (New Stat Act. [Statistical Account] P. 818)

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