List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
LAWMOOR PLACE Lawmoor Place Corner Tickets 006.15 A range of houses on the north side of Rutherglen Road
RUTHERGLEN ROAD Rutherglen Road Corner Tickets 006.15 A Street or Road being the continuation of Rutherglen Loan from Commercial Road and leading in direction of Rutherglen, hence the name
SPRING LANE Spring Lane Corner Tickets 006.15 A narrow Lane or Alley leading from South Wellington St to the Commercial Road
SPRING PLACE Spring Place Corner Tickets 006.15 3 houses partly on the south side of Rutherglen Road and partly on west side of "South Wellington St"
Stonefield House
Mr Low Occupier
Mr McCallum
006.15 A house having offices, a garden and a small portion of ornamental ground attached
STONEFIELD PLACE Stonefield Place Corner Tickets 006.15 This name applies to 3 houses partly fronting Govan St and partly South Wellington St

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VI-15 No7 Trace 1 [Situation for Stonefield Place]
VI-15 No7 Trace 1 [Situation for Lawmoor Place]
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VI-15 No7 Trace 1 [Situation for Rutherglen Road]
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