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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BREWERY OPEN Brewery Open Corner Tickets 006.15 A short street leading from Canning Street to a large Brewery
GREENHEAD BUILDINGS Greenhead Buildings Tickets 006.15 2 dwelling houses east of the Mechanics Institution
KING STREET King Street Corner Tickets 006.15 A street leading from the west end of Crownpoint Road and terminating at Broad Street
MECHANICS INSTITUTION [Canning St] Mechanics Institution On Front of Buildings 006.15 A tolerably sized building on the South side of Canning Street.
SILVERGROVE STREET Silvergrove Street Corner Tickets 006.15 A short street branching southerly off Canning Street
THOMSON'S LANE Thomson's Lane Corner Tickets 006.15 A Short Street leading from the north end of Park Lane to the north end of King Street
THREAD MILL Cotton Thread Mill 006.15 On the west side of this St [King Street] is a very extensive Cotton Thread Mill
WESTERN BANK BUILDINGS Western Bank Buildings Tickets 006.15 2 dwelling houses on the south side of Canning Street

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21 [right corner of header]
VI-15 No4 City of Glasgow [in header]

VI-15 No. 4 Trace 3 [Situation for Thomson's Lane]
VI-15 No. 4 Trace 3 [Situation for King Street]
Trace 4 [Situation for Cotton Thread Mill, Mechanics Institution, Greenhead Buildings, Western Bank Buildings, Brewery Open and Silvergrove Street]

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Thread Mill. No separate Spelling or Authority is given for this Name

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