List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
BRICK WORKS [nr Felfield Mill] Brick Works
Brick Works
A. Bow Esq
Mr Wallace, Port Eglinton
006.14 A group of buildings comprising Engine House, Drying Shed, [--] with a large Brick field [--]
The property of A & T [--]
CHEMICAL WORKS [nr Felfield Mill] Chemical Works
Chemical Works
Chemical Works
Mr Paterson Manager
Mr Wallace
New Stat [Statistical] Acct. [Account]
006.14 Tolerably sized [Chemical Works ?] comprising [--]
EGLINTON FOUNDRY Eglinton Foundry (Iron)
Eglinton Foundry (Iron)
Eglinton Foundry (Iron)
Robert McLaren, Proprietor
On Buildings
006.14 A large iron foundry on the South side of the Glasgow & Paisley Canal
FELFIELD MILL (Cotton) Felfield Mill (Cotton)
Felfield Mill (Cotton)
Mr Walker Proprietor
006.14 A large cotton mill on the south side of Canal Street where both spinning and weaving are carried on
Port Eglinton Dyewood Mills
On Front of Buildings
Mr Hamilton Proprietor
006.14 Two ranges of buildings on the south side of Eglinton Foundry

Continued entries/extra info

47 [right corner of header]
VI-14 No. 9 Trace 2 City of Glasgow [in header]

VI-14 No. 9 Trace 2 [Situation for Eglinton Foundry]
VI-14 No. 9 Trace 2 [Situation for Port Eglinton Dyewood Mills]
VI-14 No. 9 Trace 3 [Situation for Felfield Mill]
VI-14 No. 9 Trace 1,2 & 4 [Situation for Brick Works]
VI-14 No. 9 Trace 5 [Situation for Chemical Works]
Trace 5 [Situation for unknown premises]

Transcriber's notes

This page is very faded and part appears to have been torn away at the bottom corners. It appears that there has originally been an entry at the foot, for a sixth premises, the only part of which is still visible is the Situation "Trace 5" and word "Large" in Description. It is suggested that this may in fact relate to the "Gas Works" shown on map, but not mentioned in this volume.

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