List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
EGLINTON LANE Eglinton Lane Corner Ticket 006.14 A narrow Lane or Street branching from the east side Eglinton Street and terminating at a Lane which has no name.
FREE CHURCH [nr William St] Free Church (Seats for 1000)
Free Church (Seats for 1000)
Mr Lattloch Church Officer
The Rev S. Patterson
006.14 A large and handsomely built edifice surmounted by a spire. The interior of which is well fitted up with pews and gallerys sufficiently commodious for 1000 sitters.
MARGARET STREET Margaret Street Corner Ticket 006.14 A short street branching from Eglinton Street in an easterly direction and terminating at the south end of Stirling St.
SESSIONAL SCHOOL [nr Eglinton St] Sessional School
Sessional School
Mr Thomson Teacher
On Building
006.14 A small school house being the parochial school for the parish of Gorbals.
WILLIAM STREET William Street Corner Ticket 006.14 A short street branching westerly from Eglinton Street

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VI-14 No. 5, Trace 4 [Situation for William Street]
VI-14 No. 5, Trace 4 [Situation for Free Church]
VI-14 No. 5, Trace 4 [Situation for Margaret Street]
VI-14 No. 5, Trace 4 [Situation for Eglinton Lane]
Trace No 3 [Situation for Sessional School]

Transcriber's notes

Margaret Street. Note that the Name is actually shown on the page as "Margret Street", while the Spelling is "Margaret Street" which was also used in the pre-population of the Name. A check of the 1858 map shows the version "Margaret Street" so it is assumed that "Margret" has been an error in the entry by the surveyor,

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