List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CUT NAIL WORKS Cut Nail Works Manager 006.14 and opposite [Dye Works] are Cut Nail Works
COMMERCE STREET Commerce Street Corner Ticket 006.14 A Street branching from Clyde Place in a southerly direction and terminating at Cook Street.
COOK STREET Cook Street Corner Ticket 006.14 A Street leading from Eglinton Street in a westerly direction and terminating at West Street.
DYE WORKS [Cook St] Dye Works
Dye Works
John Gilpin
006.14 On the south side of it [Cook Street] near Eglinton St are small Dye Works. The property of J. Gilpin
ENGINE WORKS [Cook St] Engine Works
Engine Works
On Buildings
006.14 Extensive works where engines are made. They extend from the Boiler Shop & Counting house (see trace) to the Power-loom Factory in Cook Street
POWERLOOM FACTORY [Cook St] Power-loom Factory (Cotton)
Power-loom Factory (Cotton)
Mr Wilkinson Proprietor
006.14 A large Power-loom Factory in Cook Street. The property of Mr Wilkinson
WALLACE STREET Wallace Street Corner Ticket 006.14 A Street branching from the west side of Eglinton Street and terminating at Centre Street

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Transcriber's notes

Name "Powerloom Factory (Cotton)", but Spelling "Power-loom Factory (Cotton)".
Description for "Cook Street" runs into that for "Dye Works" and "Cut Nail Works". They have been transcribed separately.

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