List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
COTTON MILL [Brook St] Spinning Mill (Cotton) Mr Ewing Proprietor 006.15 A large Spinning mill on the west side of Brook Street
HANDLOOM FACTORY [Brook St] Handloom Factory (Cotton) Mr Walker - Proprietor 006.15 Opposite [the Cotton Mill] on the east side of the same street [Brook Street] is a very extensive Hand loom Factory the property of Mr Walker
POWERLOOM FACTORY [Camlachie Burn] Powerloom Factory (Cotton) Mr Cogan - Proprietor 006.15 and on the south side of the Camlachie Burn is a small Powerloom Factory the property of Mr Cogan
PUBLIC BATHS [London Rd] Public Baths On Front of Building 006.15 Baths, which were erected by public subscription. Situated on the north side of the London Road
UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH [nr Brook St] U.P. [United Presbyterian] Church
U.P. [United Presbyterian] Church
U.P. [United Presbyterian] Church
Mr Ewing
Post Office Directory
006.15 A large edifice the interior of which is well fitted up with pews gallery etc sufficiently commodious for about 1100 persons attached to it is a small school room
WILLIAM STREET William Street Corner Tickets 006.15 A street leading north westerly from Camlachie Burn and terminating at Broad St.

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VI-15 No 5 Trace 4 [Situation for William Street]
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VI-15 No 5 Trace 4 [Situation for Powerloom Factory (Cotton)]

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Description for "Spinning Mill", "Handloom Factory" and "Power loom Factory" are combined. They have been transcribed separately.

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