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Lanarkshire volume 34

Page List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks Continued entries/extra info
OS1/21/34/1 BURNBANK BLEACH WORKS Burnbank Burnbank James Wallace Esqr Occupier Manager in Bleach Works 006.12 A handsome Cottage having Offices, Garden, and large Bleach Works Attached the property of James Wallace Esqr.
OS1/21/34/1 GARNGAD BURN Garngad Burn Garngad Burn James Wallace Mr McAdam Milnbank 006.12 A Considerable Stream or burn having its Rise about 1 Mile above Garngad T.P. [Turnpike] and running Southerly to its influx with the Molendinar Burn at Burnbank
OS1/21/34/1 BURNBANK COTTAGE Burnbank Cottage Burnbank Cottege Mr A Wallace James Wallace Esqr 006.12 A handsome Cottage having a garden attached Situated a Short distance east of Burnbank
OS1/21/34/1 [Page] 1 Sheet 6 12 No1 -- City of Glasgow
OS1/21/34/2 [Page] 2 Blank page
OS1/21/34/3 HAGHILL DISTILLERY Haghill Distillery Haghill Distillery Walter Stewart Esqr Thomas Brown Esqr 006.12 A Distillery on the east side of the Cumbernauld Road The property of W Stewart.
OS1/21/34/3 [Page] 3 6 12 No 6 -- City of Glasgow
OS1/21/34/4 [Page] 4 Blank page
OS1/21/34/5 KENNYHILL HOUSE Kennyhill House Walter Stewart Esqr Proprietor Post Office Directory 006.12 A large and handsome Residence on the north Side of "Cumbernauld Road"
OS1/21/34/5 HAGHILL Haghill Haghill Haghill Walter Stewart Esqr Thomas Brown North Haghill Directory 006.12 A farm house and Offices having a large farm of land attached The property of Walter Stewart Esqr.
OS1/21/34/5 NORTH HAGHILL North Haghill North Haghill Walter Stewart Esqr Thomas Brown Esqr, Proprietor 006.12 A handsome dwelling house a Short distance South of the "Cumbernauld Road"
OS1/21/34/5 [Page] 5 6-12 No 7 -- City of Glasgow
OS1/21/34/6 [Page] 6 Blank page
OS1/21/34/7 BLUEVALE STREET Bluevale Street Corner Tickets 006.12 A Street branching Southerly off Duke street and terminating at a nameless Lane that branched off Whitevale St
OS1/21/34/7 CUMBERNBAULD ROAD Cumbernauld Road Corner Tickets 006.12 A road branching north easterly off Duke St direction of Cumbernauld
OS1/21/34/7 DRYGATE T.P. Drygate T.P. Drygate T.P. John Smith Keeper on House 006.12 A turnpike gate at the end of Cumbernauld Road
OS1/21/34/7 EAST MILLER STREET East Miller Street Corner Tickets 006.12 A Street branching from Duke St and terminating at a nameless Lane that leads easternly off Whitevale St,
OS1/21/34/7 MEADOWPARK Meadowpark MeadowPark Dr Gillon Occupier Printed List of Names 006.12 A handsome residence having Offices a large garden and some ornamental ground attached.
OS1/21/34/7 VI 12 No11 City of Glasgow
OS1/21/34/8 EAST CRAWFORD STREET East Crawford Street Corner Tickets 006.12 A Short Street leading Southerly off Duke Street
OS1/21/34/8 BLUEVALE SESSIONAL SCHOOL Bluevale Sessional School Bluevale Sessional School On Building Schoolmaster 006.12 A handsomely built School house on the South Side of Duke Street.
OS1/21/34/8 [Page] 8
OS1/21/34/9 HAGHILL HOUSE Haghill House Moses Brown, Proprietor 006.12 A handsomely built dwelling house having a large nursery attached The property of Moses Brown Esqr.
OS1/21/34/9 [Page] 9 Sheet 6-12 No12 -- City of Glasgow
OS1/21/34/10 [Page] 10 Blank page
OS1/21/34/11 EAST HAGHILL East Haghill East Haghill Mr Todd Cart Tickets 006.12 A farm house and offices having a farm of land attached.
OS1/21/34/11 CARNTYNE ROAD Carntyne Road Corner Tickets 006.12 A Road leading in a north easterly direction from Carntyne T.P. [Turnpike] or the eastern end of Duke Street.
OS1/21/34/11 [Page] 11 Sheet 6-12 No13 -- City of Glasgow
OS1/21/34/12 [Page] 12 34O.S. 321 OSI/21/34 NAME BOOK (Part 8) City of Glasgow Sheet 6. 12. PLANS Co. [County] Lanark
OS1/21/34/13 [Pge] 13 City of Glasgow -- Part 8 -- Sheet 6-12 Names -- Page Bluevale Sessional School -- 8 Bluevale Street -- 7 Burnbank -- 1 Burnbank Cottage -- 1 Carntyne Road -- 11 Cumbernauld Road -- 7 Drygate T.P. [Turnpike] -- 7 East Crawford Street -- 8 East Haghill -- 11 East Miller Street -- 7 Garngad Burn -- 1 Haghill Distillery -- 3 Haghill -- 5 Haghill House -- 9 Kennyhill House -- 5 Meadowpark -- 7 North Haghill -- 5