List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
ANDERSON SPINNING MILL (Cotton) Anderston Spinning Mill (Cotton)
Anderston Spinning Mill (Cotton)
Printed documents
006.10 A very large spinning mill (cotton) The property of Houldsworth & Co.
BOAR'S HEAD TAVERN [Anderston Quay] Boarshead Tavern
Boarshead Tavern
Mr McNeil occupier
Sign Board
006.10 An old established public house on the north side of Anderston Quay
CLYDE STREET Clyde Street Corner Tickets 006.10 A Street branching northerly from Anderston Quay and terminating at Stobcross Street.
PICCADILLY STREET Piccadilly Street Corner Tickets 006.10 A street leading from Anderston Quay in a northerly direction and terminating at Stobcross St.
Terminus Quay
Police Officers
Custom house Officers
006.10 This Quay extends from the Mavisbank Quay at "Love Loan" as far as the eastern extremity of the Coal Depot near to the large sheds

Continued entries/extra info

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Transcriber's notes

Although the Name "Boar's Head Tavern" is given, only the Spelling "Boarshead Tavern" appears. The Name does not seem to appear on the actual map at all.
The Name "Anderson Spinning Mill (Cotton)" appears on this page, but Spelling "Anderston Spinning Mill (Cotton)" and that form is used on the actual map. It is presumed the "Anderson" form was an error by the surveyor.

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