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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CHAPEL [Society of Friends, Brown St] Chapel
Church Officer
Mr Brown, President
006.10 A small Chapel in Brown St seated for about 160 persons. It belongs to what is called a "Society of Friends" who take Sunday about in conducting the services, but they are not of the Society of Friends community called "Quakers". J.B.&M.R.L
Mr Brown President of the Society says that this is the only denominational name for the Chapel D.H.
FREE SCHOOL [West College St] Free School
Free School
Rev W, Arnot
006.10 A Schoolhouse in West College St where poor children are educated free of school fees. The Teachers are paid by a Committee of Managers
WEST COLLEGE STREET West College Street Corner Tickets 006.10 A street branching westerly from McAlpine St and terminating at Brown St.

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VI-10 No. 14 Trace 5 [Situation for West College Street]
VI-10 No. 14 Trace 5 [Situation for Chapel]

A house 3 storeys in height, one flat of which is occupied (only temporary) as a School in connection with St Peter's Free Church

Transcriber's notes

Chapel. The part of Description beginning "Mr Brown" is written in pencil across several columns but appears intended as part of the Description.

Also on this page there has been an entry for "St Peter's Free School" which has been scored through, although a portion of Description, beginning "A house 3 Storeys" remains and has been transcribed in additional entries.

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