List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
GOLFHILL Golfhill A Dennistoun Esq Proprietor 006.11 A large and handsome Mansion having offices and a considerable area of ornamental ground attached.
Millburn Street
Corner Ticket
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006.11 A road leading north easterly from the Monkland Canal and terminating at Garngad Hill
TOWN MILL (Flour) Town Mill (Flour)
Town Mill (Flour)
Mr Graham
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006.11 A flour mill which was by accident burned down about 6 weeks ago. This Mill is again roofed.

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VI-11 No.4 Glasgow
"Golf, Goff, Gouf A common game in Scotland in which clubs are used for striking balls stuffed hard with feathers, from one hole to another. He who drives his ball into the hole with fewest strokes is the winner" - Jamieson

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