List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
ASYLUM FOR THE BLIND Asylum for the Blind
Asylum for the Blind
On Front of Building
Mr Thomson Governor
006.11 A square of buildings appropriated as an Asylum for the Blind, a Rope Walk surrounds the south and east sides, where the inmates are employed at Rope Making
CASTLE STREET [Glasgow Castle Street Corner Tickets 006.11 A long and irregular street running northerly from the end of Kirk Street at St Nicholas Place and terminating at Charles Street
GARNGAD ROAD Garngad Road Corner Tickets 006.11 A road leading from Castle Street in an easterly direction
MARTYRS' MONUMENT Martyrs' Monument
Martyrs' Monument
Mr Graham
Mr Thomson Blind Asylum
006.11 An oblong stone set in a stone wall bearing the following inscription "Behind this stone lyes Jas Nesbit who suffered Martyrdom at this place June 3rd 1684"
Also James Lawson and Alexander Wood who suffered Martyrdom Oct 24th 1684 for their Adherence to the Word of God, and Scotland's work of Reformation" etc

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