List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
AYR PLACE Ayr Place Corner Ticket 006.06 2 ranges of dwelling houses on the south side of Carnarvon St.
FREE CHURCH COLLEGE AND CHURCH [nr Ayr Place] Free Church College & Church
Free Church College & Church
Plan of Building
006.06 A large and handsome new building on the south side of Lynedoch Street. The Church in connection with the College, when complete will be fitted up with pews sufficiently commodious for about 1100 persons.
PARK CHURCH Park Church Builders 006.06 A large and handsome new building, the interior of which is well fitted up with pews capable of containing about 1100 persons. It is one of the City Parish Churches
PARK STREET EAST Park Street East Mr Murray Street Surveyor 006.06 A newly formed Street leading in a Southeasterly direction from Park Circus, and terminating at [Incomplete]

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Sheet VI-6 No 23 City of Glasgow [n header]

VI-6 No 23 Trace 1 [Situation for Park Street East]
VI-6 No 23 Trace 1 [Situation for Park Church]
VI-6 No 23 Trace 1 [Situation for Free Church College and Church]

Transcriber's notes

Park Street East. The Description fails to state where the street terminates. The word "Incomplete" has been inserted in pencil across the Authority and Situation columns, with a line leading to the place where the missing information is required.

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