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BLEACH WORKS [Castlebank St] Printed bills corner tickets 006.05
CASTLEBANK STREET Castlebank Street ? 006.05 A long irregular street being the ? of Well street from the end of Knowe Street, On the south side of this street is a small powerloom factory and large bleach works.
ENGINE WORKS [Partick] Engine works
on site of Bishops Castle
Mr Walter Esq
Mr Granger gasworks
Mr Wilson ? & Bishop Grain Mills
006.05 Engine works erected on the site of
an old mansion or castle said to have
been the country residence of
the Archbishop of Glasgow.
POWERLOOM FACTORY [Castlebank St] 006.05
THE BISHOP'S CASTLE (Site of) [Partick] 006.05 The following is quoted from the New Stat Acc
It was said to be the ruins of a country residence of which belonged to the Archbishop of Glasgow. And the person who was positively affirmed to have erected it was Archbishop Spotwood in 1611. But it is now certain that the supposed Bishops Castle belonged to George Hutcheson of Lambhill the founder of Hitcheson Hospital, and was built by him. In the description of the sherrifdom of Lanark "it is said that above this where the Kelvin falls into the Clyde is the House of Pertigue, a well built convienent house, well planted with ??? timbefr, large gardens enclosed with stone walls which formerly belonged to George Hutcheson founder of hospital Hutcheson in Glasgow and now to John Crawford of________. There can be no reason to doubt however that before the reformation the Bishop of Glasgow had a mansion either on the site of the house in question or somewhere else in the vicinity of Partick.
For further information see Chalmers & Clelland ____ of Glasgow

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the Bleach works and Powerloom factory do not have a seperate description, being included in Castlebank Street

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