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Robert Baird
New Stat. Acct. [statistical Account] - P [page] 879
Alexander Aikenhead Newfarm
017.09 This Rivulet takes the name of Calder from the junction of two streams near Longlands, one of which is known by the name of Cleughearn Burn the other has no name. It passes by Torrance, Calderwood Castle, Crossbasket, Blantyre and runs into the Clyde, it is named Rotten Calder on Forrest's County Map (after being joined by the Rotten Burn )[bit in brackets is in red with an initial after it]but it is at present generally called Calder.
Flat Linn
Flat Linn
Robert Baird Parkhouse
Alexander Aikenhead Newfarm
John Craig Upper Backrow
017.09 A pool on the Calder formed by a fall takes the name from an adjoining farm called Flat.
ROTTEN CALDER Calder Water and Rotten Calder
Rotten Calder and Calder Water
Rotten Calder and Calder Water
South Calder
Forrest's County Map
New Statistical Account
Estate plans
Fullarton's Gaz -Vol -1-P.188-[Gazetteer volume 1 page 188- ]
017.09 [the description is included in the Calder Water description they are the same river]

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[page] 87
County of Lanark -- Parish of East Kilbride

[under list of names is written]
"Calder Water"
The junction of Cleughearn Burn
and Rotten Burn thence
"Rotten Calder"
junction with the River Clyde
[J.B. [John Bayly] Capt. [Captain] R. E. [Royal Engineers]

"Calder (the South) A small river which rises in Elrig Muir, in the Parish of
East Kilbride and running in a north east course, falls into the Clyde, on the south
bank near Daldowie. - It is in the first part of its course called Park burn; and
the Rotten Calder on being joined by the Rotten Burn." -- Fullarton's Gazetteer
Rotten or Rattain - a Park. Jamieson.

[Written sideways under situation column)
"The Calder rises in Ellrig Muir in Kilbride and is at first called Park burn , afterwards Calder Water, and at length Rotten Calder
N.S, Acct. [New Statistical Account]

Note - The greater part of this burn arises through Cleughearn and but a small portion is in the Park farms, it rises from "Park" into "Knoweglass" -Cleughearn Burn only in various by the inhabitants of this place. - [initials] reply to Patrick on Cleuchearn Burn"

[Written sideways at RHS of page]
As I cannot find one person to point out what is termed concludes that the writers used this term merely to imply that the Calder had its rise on the moor near "Ellsrig" without any intentions of giving it as the masses of every particulars tracts of worthless expressions-- reply to Patrick on Elsrig Inquiry.

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