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"In the district of the country from which he came, a village with
"the ruins of an Ancient Castle still retains his name; and there
"are other places of the same appellation in Roxburghshire and in
"West Lothian.
" "The parish is 3 miles long from East to West, 2½ broad. Its form is
"nearly that of an oblong square, bounded by Linton, Walston,
"Dunsyre, and Kirkurd"
"The population in 1831 was 275. In 1825 a parochial library was
"established, which by liberal contributions in aid of the funds,
"now contains a considerable number of useful and well read Book[s].
There are three turnpike roads passing through the Parish
viz, the road from Edinburgh to Dumfries which crosses, in this
parish the road from Carnwath to Peebles, and the road which
leaves the former at Dolphinton village and joins the latter at
the site of Ogs Castle in Liberton Parish
There are no detached portions of this Parish and there are
no detached portions of any other Parish situated within it.

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