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CALEDONIAN RAILWAY Caledonian Railway (Wishaw & Coltness Section)
Caledonian Railway (Wishaw & Coltness Section)
Caledonian Railway (Wishaw & Coltness Sectio
Caledonian Railway (Wishaw & Coltness Sectio
Caledonian Railway (Wishaw & Coltness Section)
Engineers Map of Railways
Archibald Archibald Station Master
New Statistical Account
James Coke Station Master Holytown
Mr Gray Clark Holytown Bridge
012.14 The names Wishaw & Coltness section of this portion of Caledonian Railway applies from Whifflet in Old Monkland Parish to Morningside in Cam'nethan. It is all for passengers, from Motherwell Station to the eastern boundary of this parish, but from the point where a new line (an improvement of this railway) has been started off it in Bothwell parish is now used solely for minerals to Motherwell Station ( See description etc of this railway & new line traces 6 & trace 3 012-9 Bothwell Parish
Carfin Bridge
Carfin Bridge
Carfin Bridge
R. Clark Road Surveyor
Wiliam Wilson Jerviston Flatt Road Contractor
John Freebairn Craigneuk
Archibald Steward Nether Johnston
012.14 A good stone bridge of one arch over the South Calder Water. There is a mill of Carfin on the other side of the river in Bothwell parissh. This bridge is a Parish Trust bridge

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Header: [Page] 42 Co. Lanark Dalziel Parish
Note: This section, the Wishaw and Coltness, is not a branch of, but a portion of the main line of the Caledonian Railway with which it is now incorporated. J. Bayly Major R.E.

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Caledonian Railway: The situation is recorded ad 012-09 when it should be 012-14. Notification sent.

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