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ROMAN ROAD (Watling Street) Roman Road (Watling or Watlin Street)
Roman Road (Watling or Watlin Street)
Roman Road (Watling or Watlin Street)
Roman Road (Watling or Watlin Street)
Roman Road (Watling or Watlin Street)
Roman Road (Watling or Watlin Street)
New Statistical Account
Chalmers Caledonia
Reverend Joseph Loudon Parish Minister
John Christie Estate Steward of Dalzell
John Purdy Motherwell
James Hamilton N[North}
John Freebairn Craigneuk
11.12 ; 12.09 ; 12.14 "The principal branch of the western Roman Highway, or Watling Street, as it was called, passed through this parish from east to west. It entered a place called "Meadowhead" near Wishaw Gate. The present road from Glasgow to Lanark by Carluke, has been here for a considerable way formed upon it.(This sentence all underlined). At the north west bdy[boundary ] of the parish, there is a bridge over the river Calder , evidently of great antiquity, and which from time immemorial has been called the "Roman Bridge" by which the people entered the Parish of Bothwell" - New Statistical Account. This road where it begins in the parish at the Roman Bridge( Trace 6 011-012) shews the remains of the causeway at almost every yard, particularly near the bridge, by some of the stones , which are generally about 6 or 8 inches square but not of regular shape, still remaining firmly fixed in the ground and shewing the hollows or holes of those displaced, as far as the angle which it forms, where the Parish Boundary deviates from the side of the R[Roman]Road,( Trace 4 011-09). Trees are growing on its sides at some places. All traces of it are lost on the Bothwell side near the Roman Bridge. In Bothwell Parish it is better known as "Mitchell's Causey" but in Dalziel it is known as the "Roman Road". From the last point described - where the PH BY [Parish Boundary] deviates from ther R[Roman]Road, to the farm of North Motherwell (Trace 5 012-09) some few scattered stones, fixed in the ground at intervals, and in some places, causewayed remains , of stones of a smaller size than any other part of the road, can be seen 'till within about 20 chains of the farm-house, from which point to the farm, there is nothing more remarkable in its appearance than an ordinary parish road. Some furze are growing on the road between the last points described, and the whole of the road from the Roman Bridge to its junction with the Lanark Turnpike Road is an old Public Right of Way now seldom used as the bridge is unsafe for cattle. No part of the Lanark Turnpike Road(Underlined) (See New Statistical Account) is recognised by any of the parishioners as ---(cntinued on Page 16)

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