List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CLYDE'S MILL (Corn) Clyde's Mill (corn) Valuation Roll.
John Craig, Miller.
J. Litster Ass Factor.
Forest's Co, Map.
024.04 A mill on the side of the clyde at "Milton lockhart Bridge", used for grinding oats, beans, pease, barley etc. There is no flour made here. It is the property of the Duke Of Hamilton. The miller's dwelling is south of the mill, on the side of the Glasgow and Lanark T.P. Road. There is a dam, or canal here on the clyde. It is partly formed from the natural rocks of the river at this place.
OVERTON Overton Estate Map.
Valuation Roll.
J. Litster, Ass Factor.
William Fram, Occupier.
024.04 A good farm steading the property of the Duke Of Hamilton. Ther is a large orchard and vegetable garden at this farm house. A cottage on the south west corner of this trace belongs to overton, but has no name. There is a large orchard and veg garden at it also.

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