List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CHAPEL RONE Chapel Rone New Statistical Account.
John Young, Broomhill.
James Boyd, Croft.
William Smillie, Raploch.
Thomas Anderson, Inspector of Poor.
Robert Hamilton, Collector of Poor.
"Rone, Rone, A shrub or Bush", Jamison
018.14 "A chapel stood in a field which is now called Chapel Rone", New Statistical Account.
This field belongs to the mansion of Broomhill, the property of Captain McNeil Hamilton and is part of the ornamental grounds. It is a well known name. On the authority of William Smillie of Raploch, the chapel stood, from tradition, at the place written "Old Wall", which though now without what is considered the Chapel Rone Field, was part of the "Rone" before the present avenue and plantation was made. The other authorities, which are older, do not believe the wall to be part of the chapel, but rather the remains of a few houses which stood there about 60 years ago, and bore the name of Shepherd's Neuk, a name which is now altogether disused. The site of the chapel has not been written on trace.

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