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SKELLY GILL Skelly Gill and Skelly Burn Forest's Co. Map.
J. Marshall, West Mauchan.
William Graham, Gamekeeper, Muir.
Thomas Anderson,Inspector of Poor.
Robert Hamilton, Collector.
J. Litster Asst: Factor.
"Gill,a strait small glen", Jamieson
018.10 These names are much confused in applying them and therefore but one of these "Skelly Gill", has been worthy on examination trace. The best and oldest authorities in the parish, agree to "Skelly Gill" as the name which is mostly used, the name of the burn seems to have been given, or taken from the original - "Skelly Burn", in speaking of the burn to any of the parishioners it will be found that, in nine cases out of ten, the name "Skelly Gill", is used in preference, or before the burn is mentioned .The name as applied to the glen will be applicable from "Skelly Bridge", Trace 5. to the junction of the burn with the Clyde.
XV111-6 Trace

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