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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
WELL PATH Well Path, Roman Road, Wall Path. James Wilson (Glenochar), James Martin M.D. (Leadhills), Thomas Johnstone (Troloss), John Wilson Esqr. (Nunnery, G.V. Irving Esqr. F.A.S (Newton Ho.), McVittie's (Battle of Dryffe Sands), O.S. Plans of Dumfriesshire. 053 A name which applies to an old road leading from Troloss Toll to Durisdeer. It has all the appearance of having been laid with stones but at the present time it is in bad repair. This road is considered to be part of the original Roman Road leading out of Niths Dale into Clydes Dale.
"The two great Roman Roads by Moffat and Dumfries had their junction in this Parish, which when formed into one great road passed on towards Lamington." (Chalrs. Caleda. Vol. 1, Page 121.).
"At this point which is in the immediate vicinity of the Castle of Crawford it is rejoined by the branch which seperated from it at Dryffe Church in Dumfriesshire. This branch after crossing the country from the valley of the Annan to that of the Nith, ascends the latter river and its tributary the Carron with its feeder the Durisdeer Burn, and enters Lanarkshire by the Well Path. On the Dumfriesshire side of the pass and not far from the top there is a camp.

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