List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
POTRAIL WATER Potrail Water, Powtrail Water. John Wilson Esqr., G. Vere Irving Esqr., Estate Plan (Barony of Hopetoun 1760), Co. Map (Forest's), Chalmer's Caledonia (Vol. 3), Dr. Martin (Leadhills. 053 A large stream rising at the foot of "Little Scaw'd Law" and flowing ina fine valley northward; it receives several large tributaries, which swell it into a considerable stream; it joins the "Daer Water" at "Water Meetings".
REESHAW BURN Reeshaw Burn Thomas Johnstone, John Wilson esqr., James Hope. 053 A small burnrising on the side of Laught Hill and falling into Potrail Water near Troloss Cottage.
TROLOSS COTTAGE Troloss Cottage Thomas Johnstone, John Wilson Esqr., James Hope. 053 A good substantial cottage on the farm of Troloss, the property of John Wilson Esqr.

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