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List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
DEAD SIDE Dead Side Archibald Thomason, Wm. Bertram Esqr., Estate Plan (LIttle Clyde). 050 That portion of Nap Hill which slopes to the north.
NAP HILL Nap Hill Archibald Thomason, George McMoran, William Eskdale, William Bertram Esqr. 050 A considerable hil over which runs a stone wall which forms the boundary between the farms of Little Clyde and Upper Howecleuch. The summit of this hill is elbow shaped the angle being obtuse.
TIPPET HILL Tippet Hill Archibald Thomason, George McMoran, Estate Plan (Little Clyde), Co. Map (Forets's). 050 A considerable hill with a ridge top on the farm and the near the house of Little Clyde.

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