List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
James McKenzie
Reverend William Gouldie
Mr William Robb
Statistical Account of Lanarkshire
Forrest's County Map dated 1816
Johnston's County Map
043.13; 047.01 A very small village situated at the junction of the two great roads from Edinburgh & Glasgow to the South. which recurs at the Northern extremity of the village. At the South end the road again branches into double lines which lead to Carlisle by different routes. The Village is composed chiefly of recently erected substantial two storey houses built along the road. it has no Church but contains a school. a branch of the Commercial Bank. a Post Office and an Inn. it is the property of Sir T.E. Colebrooke Bart. whose mansion is adjacent to the Village.
The Population of Abington at the last census numbered 160

Transcriber's notes

The spelling 'Abbington' has the authorities of Forrest's County Map and Johnston's County Map. The other authorities are for 'Abington'
In the descriptive remarks, ' a considerable village' has been replaced by 'a very small village'

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