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Site of Carstairs Castle continued:

Alexander of blessed Memory began without any license to build _ we to the same Bishop a special Grace being willing to have Granted in this part to him for ourselves and our heirs that he the said Castle so began may finish and fortify with Kernels and the same so finished & turreted & hermillated may hold to him and to his successors for ever now wish we that the said Bishop or his successors by reCastle being begun without licence or will as aforesaid be quarrelled or in any way aggrieved witness the King at Berwick on Tweed the 15 of July. _
Satistical Account of Carstairs Parish

There is not a vestige of the Castle remaining _ but some few years ago several old walls were discovered in digging for a well _ together with portion of monumental stone Work which evidently formed part of a Gothic edifice and which are in the possession of Robert Monteith Esq. ________

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