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ROMAN CAMP (Remains of) [Corbiehall] Roman Camp Robert Monteith Esq
Revd. [Reverend] William Struthers
Mr John Murray
026.09 The Parish Contains the vestiges of a Roman Camp upon the farm of Corbiehall The Camp measures 6 square acres . Though it has been considerably injured by the plough and the spade the walls of Circumvallation are still easily traced the praetorium is visible, and the Causeway to and from the Camp running in a direct line
can be traced for many miles _____
Statistical Account 1841.

The foregoing description does not agree with the present appearance of the Camp the praetorium is not distinguishable from any other portion of the Camp and even its site cannot be ascertained the side of the Camp facing the Clyde is the most entire. being about 5 feet in height and sloping at an angle of about 30 degrees towards the River. __ the greater portion of the east and west faces of the Camp can still be traced out by a slightly raised embankment of Considerable thickness _ these embankments as the approach the north side of the Camp gradually become less perceptible until the finally disappear. _ the north side of the Camp is entirely effaced and is not to be distinguished from the surrounding Cultivated Surface. __
The Camp is situated on the property of R. Monteith Esq: ___

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