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Cawder House
Cawder House
Title Deeds
Mr Stirling Esquire
A. Young Factor
Estate Plan
001.07 The mansion house of Cawder Estate at present occupied by Mr Buchanan. Extensive pleasure grounds. food offices etc. are attached. The property of W. Stirling Esqr. __ There is an antique piece of sculpture about (8 ihches square) built into the front (or South) wall of the house. It was found in the neighbourhood of Balinuildy, "It exhibits a laurel wreath supported on either side by what is supposed to be a winged victory, each standing upon a cornucopia, which terminates in an Eagle's head, & within the wreath appear the words __
LEG Legis
II Secunda
AVG Augusta
FEC Fecit"
Caledonia Romana

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County of Lanark Cadder Parish

Cadder or Cawder House - Map of 10 miles [joined] Glasgow

"The name of the parish of Cadder and of the lands of Cadder appears in the charters of the 12th and 13th centuries in the constant form of Cader, and this form of the name continued for several centuries thereafter. In modern times, the name has acquired the form of Cadder, and it is sometimes called Calder.
The name of this parish is, obviously, derived from the British Cader signifying a fortress: The Roman wall runs 4 1/2 miles through the northern side of the parish of Cadder and passes near the church and village. On the south side of the wall, and about a gunshot from the church, there was a Roman fort, and the remains whereof are still extant; and from this fort, the place has plainly obtained the British name of Cader."
Chalmers Caledonia, Vol. [volume] 3 page 680

On some of the proprietor's carts, at "Cadder or Cawder House", the name is spelled "Cawder", on others, it is "Cadder". The same thing occurs on the carts of the miller in Cadder Village, and also on the Carts of the "Easter Cadder" Farmer
[Christopher] Harrison La. Corpl. [Lance Corporal] R.E.

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