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Gazetteer of Scotland
Meikjleham's 10 mile map round Glasgow
Robert Martin Factor
James Marshall
002.09 A small village in the north of the parish divided among different proprietors & chiefly occupied by weavers. Pop:[Population] about 150. The name is derived from an extensive loch, now drained, at the lower extremity of which it stands. The only thing remarkable about this village is an endowed school
ENDOWED SCHOOL[Auchinloch] School
Valuation Roll
Rev'd: [Reverend] J. Park
James Noble
Donald McDonald. Teacher
This school occupies one of a Row of Cottages near the centre of the Village. There is a stone slab built into a wall facing the street, on which are cut the following words.
'Patrick Baird in Auchinloch Marcht [Merchant] traveller to England, mortified to this charity school, in this place of his nativity, the sum of three hundred & twenty pounds sterling money. and also appointed a charity sermon to be preached at this place, about the 25th of december yearly. He died Oct; [October] 20th. 1743 Aged 70 years. Built in the year 1745
John Baird Portionr [Prtioner] in Auchinloch give the ground to build this house, at the desire of the deceased Patrick Baird his Uncle. He gave also a yard'
'All the heritors possessed of a Ploughgate of land in the parish are patrons to the school.'
Gazetteer of Scotland

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