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MILITARY (Site of) [Cadder parish] Site of Military Way
Site of Military Way
Site of Military Way
Site of Military Way
Site of Military Way
R. Craig. Farmer, Buchley
Revd [Reverend] J. Park, Cadder Manse
J. Russell, Estate Steward
Thomas Scott Easter Cawder
William Scott. Driffield
J. Scott Balinuildy
001.11 "To the south of the Roman Wall was situated the Military Way - a regular Causewayed road about 20 feet wide - which Kept by the course of the Wall at irregular distances, approaching in some places to within a few yards, and in others receding to a considerable distance" Caledonia Romana.
There are no traces of the Military Way to be seen on the Surface, except when the soil is freshly turned up, I then presents as stated by Mr J. Scott & Mr R. Craig, a reddish appearance. From 6 inches to 2 & 3 feet below the surface & from 12 to 18 feet wide, the "Causeway", as it is termed by the Farmers, is Known by the roughness of the ground & the Stones which are constantly turned up the Plough. On I.10 Traces 2 & 3, as pointed out by Mr J. Scott, the ground is rough, & Known, or termed by him as the "Casueway". From I.10 Trace 3 to I.11-1, as stated by Mr R. Craig, innumerable stones have been found at a greater distance from the Fosse than at any other place in the Ph, [Parish] the stones are Freestone generally about the size of a man's head, but flat. At this place (shown as Foundations of Wall) large Freestones have been found close to the south side of the Fosse, between which & the Military Way the ground is naturally wet, (see Cal. [Caledonia] Romana. Pages 311 & 315) on Plan I.7 Traces 5 & 6, as stated by Mr J. Russell. The usual roughness Known as the "Causeway" has been found. - In the Pastuure field between the Manse & the Canal (I.8 Trace 4), as stated by the Revd. [Reverend] Mr Park the "Causeway" is found, From this point to the end of the Ph, [Parish] all that is shewn as the Military Way has been pointed out by Mr W & J. Scott. The latter found (Trace 3 & 6 I-8) a "Causeway" 20 feet from the centre of the Fosse; & in the field adjoining, he found, 30 years ago, a regular "Causewayed" Road 36 feet in width & 200 yards in length; (at the distance of 20 links from the Fosse.) which he removed at the time. It is more probable that these have been foundations of the Wall.

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