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Title: County of Lanark Parish of Cadder

"The wall, in all probability, passed through the east part of [Simmerston], so as to fall in with the north-west angle of the fort of Bemulie, situated on the opposite bank of the river. This station, as well from its size, as from the number of its envelopes and the many vestiges of [ruinous] foundations within it, hath been one of the most considerable belonging to the wall, though the whole work is very much defaced. Its distance from New Kirkpatrick is four thousand six hundred yards __
A little way to the eastward of Bemulie, the tract of the ditch is again very visible, leading along the site and partly through the enclosures and wood of Calder__ Having crossed the brook, it issues from the enclosures near a fine, rectangular tumulus or castellum, that hath been surrounded by a ditch situated at the village of Calder__ This place being [three] thousand six hundred yards from [ ], and therefore, corresponding with what is found to be the mean distance of the several forts of the wall, hath generally been pointed out as the situation of one of the [number] __ But though it is imagined by some, that a station of the ordinary size stood on the ground now occupied by the village and Church yet as no vestiges of it remains it seems doubtful whether the castellum above mentioned, may not have been the only post on this part of the wall_ From Calder, the tract of the wall continues along the top of the bank which overloooks the plain of the Kelvin, towards Kirkintilloch, being everywhere visible, excepting about the middle of this space, where it crosses a small brook and again on its[ ] near the back mentioned place."
Military Antiquities of the Romans in Britain by the late William Roy F.R.S. [ ] page [ ]
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