List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
MUIRHEAD Muirhead Muirhead Muirhead Muirhead Rent Receipt William Jackson. East Parkhead Thomas King, Occupier Thomas Scott, Bellshill 011.08 A thatched house north side of the T.P. [Turnpike] Road, opposite the ph [parish] Road leading to "East Parkhead." The name is very well known. It belongs to a Mrs. Turner.
TILE WORKS [nr Muirhead] Tile Works Tile Works Tile Works Tile Works Robert White, Tenant William Jackson. E. [East] ParKhead James Dick Bellshill J Smith Esqr. Factor 011.08 A wooden shed, a Kiln, and a dwelling house in a clay field wrought for the purpose of making Tiles for Draining. It is on the "Douglas Park" Estate the property of Mrs Douglas & bears no name.

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uncertain transcription of small abbreviation inserted between "the" and "Road leading to 'East Parkhead'".

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