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Castle Hill
Castle Hill
Rev. [Reverend] John Christison
Mr James Morrison
Mr Robert Glen
034.02 A small round hill, partly arable and partly rough pasture & furze, somewhat steep towards the south, but slopes off gently on the other sides. An independent feature - probable height from its base 100 feet. On the top of this hill are the remains of an ancient British fort or camp of an oval form, and consists of two parallel ramparts or breast works of earth in tolerable presentation. Each of the ramparts is about 3 feet high from natural surface, the space between them or the ditch is about 3 feet lower than the natural surface. Tradition is silent with respect to this camp but it is generally believed in the neighbourhood to have been a place of strength.
CAMP Rev [Reverend] John Christison
Mr James Morrison
Mr Robert Glen

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Parish of Biggar

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"There is also a camp on a height near Candybank, with double ditches and ramparts. It is of an oval form, 42 paces by 30 within the inner rampart, the distance between this and the outer being 9 paces"

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