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County of Lanark--Parish of Avondale

-the image of their character * the destinies of their nation, they * burden and heat of the day *- tired into their labours * A man the Lord is his name
Thy Right hand O'Lord is become glorious in power. thy Right hand O Lord hath dashed in pieces thy enemy. Exod XV.3.6. R.Thom Sculpt.
Inscription on the East Side,
Messrs Craig of *B* William Donald Hairs* . James Dykes of Westerto* Wm Hamilton of East D* , Gavin Hamilton High Drom, James Hamilton Laigh Dru* John Hamilton Rench, Wm Leiper Drum* Thos Morton of Ladyb*, John and Alexr Young Meadow* ,
Inscription on the north side.
The stones were given Lordship f* by David Orr Gilmour Younger of Broomleton
Inscription on west side
Erected in 1839 by the proceeds of a collection made on the battlefield *en* sermon from Hebrews XI. 34th,, *e* Valiant in fight,, was preached by Revd Archibald Milligan Rodgerson*- arvel on the 1st,, of June O.S. 1836 *donation of 25 pounds *- amos Morton Esqr M, D, H.E.I.C.S and other contributions NB, This mark * is used to shew where letters or words are defaced

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