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BATTLE OF DRUMCLOG (Site of) Battlefield of Drumclog
Battlefield of Drumclog
Battlefield of Drumclog
Battlefield of Drumclog
Battlefield of Drumclog
Gavin Hamilton High Drumclog
New Statistical Account P. [Page] 305
Andrew Hamilton East Drumclog
Old Stat [Statistical] Acct. [Account] Vol [Volume] 9 P [Page] 396 & 397.
William Leiper Stobbyside
029.08 According to Traditionary accounts the Covenanters assembled for worship at Hairland Hill in the parish of Loudoun on Sunday "1st June 1679". Captain Graham of Claverhouse with three Troops of Dragoons proceeded from Glasgow to disperse them. on his way he took some prisoners near Hamilton. these he marched to Drumclog. The Covenanters hearing of his approach were resolved to release the prisoners. They therefore advanced to meet the military, on arriving near Stobbyside, Captain Graham and his men were in sight and not far off. Captain Graham drew up his men near High Drumclog leaving his prisoners in the farm yard under a Guard. from his position to a small stream some distance westwards there was a gentle declivity. The Covenanters took up their position on the opposite Side of this stream, and from their position likewise to the stream there was a slight declivity. along this stream was a narrow strip of marshy land covered with grass which has since been drained and is now arable land. The Covenanters knew the ground many of them being natives.
The military charged and got entangled in the marsh. The Covenanters seeing their position attacked, threw them into disorder, and soon competely routed them. during the engagement and in the retreat there were about 36 of the military killed and but about 5 or 6 of the Covenanters. The forces of the Covenanters amounted to 50 horsemen and as many foot armed with muskets and about 150 armed with spears and forks. Captain Graham narrowly escaped, having his horse killed under him.
A monument has been erected on the battlefield, also a school to commemorate the victory gained. There is also an annual meeting held there and sermons preached for a similar purpose. It is said that human bones were dug up some time ago on the battlefield supposed to be the bones of some of the military who fell in the battle.

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