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Captain Parson's.

Corporal Fearnside appears by his explanation, to have had sufficient reasons for adopting Strathaven. His only success, however to have required from the Railway authorities, and the orthopraphy in Railway time tables he is by no means infallible. Would it not be better to examine the original name sheets, in order to see whether you would not be justified in adopting its newer method of spelling? As the Railway Co [Company] has adopted it, it is probable it will in course of time be generally adopted in the neighbourhood.
Edward R James Capt. [Captain] R.E. [Royal Engineers]
9 Mar 1869

Capt [Captain] James
I have examined the name book: this town is in the parish of Avondale, the authorities seem in favour of Strathavon, including Johnstons & Forrests County maps & Chalmers Caledonia. I think we had better leave it as approved Strathavon & alter Cor [Corporal] Fearnside's railway names here, accordingly,- will you please return this for insertion in name book.
R M Parsons CRE [Captain Royal Engineers]
15 Mar 1869

Captain Parsons.
Noted and returned.
Edward R. James Capt. [Captain] R.E. [Royal Engineers]
17 Mar 1869

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Put in N [Name] L [List] for Avondale- Lanark:
18 Mar 1869 A.M.Lachlan

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