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-Railway Revisions-

On our original plans and in our Namelists the spelling for the names of the Parish - Towns - River - and Strath, is Strathavon but on all the later Rail-way revision impressions the name as written to New Railways. Milepath etc is Strathaven which is the correct spelling- M Carsons Captain R.S. 3 Mar 1869

Captain James Royal Engineers-

On Railway Time Table map only. C.J.F.

O S Earlston 8 Mar 1869

"Strathaven" is the only way of spelling this name, which I could obtain from any of the Railway Company's Documents. It is so spelt in the Act of Parliament for constructing the railway & all other Documents of the Company, also on the name board at Strathaven Station, & also in all Time Tables. This is the only information I can give respecting it.
Charles J Fearnside
2nd Corp. [Corporal] R E. [Royal Engineers]

Captain Parsons
Royal Engineers

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