List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CALPIE COTTAGE george mc whae.
hume pollock
035 a small cottage situated in cree bridge the property of mrcowan the occupier.
FREE CHURCH [Cree Bridge] george mc whae.
hume pollock.
rev m walker.
035 this is a plain stone built building situated in cree bridge and leased for 99 years . it was erected by subscription in 1843 & contains seats for a congregation of about 540. 360 of which are communicants. the rev j walker is the minister & his stipend is paid by thesubscription fund.
ROSE BANK george mc whae.
hume pollock
035 a dwelling house pleasantly situated on the banks of the river cree it is held from the estate of kirroughtree.

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