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Supposed site of BATTLE [Calgow] 035 see below
SUPPOSED SITE OF BATTLE [Calgow] james mathews.
see nicholsons hist of galloway vol.1 p.86, also new state acct of kirkudbright 1845 page 129,
sinclairs stat, acct, vol 7. p. 60.
035 this site situated in the immediate vicinity of the farm house of calgow. and according to holliushed, carruthers,?& nicholson, the galloway historians a dreadful conflict between the romans and picts, against the scots in the fourth century also between the forces of edward bruce against the english& galwegians.
there are a great many heaps of stones in the neighbourhood probably those taken notice of by symson which appear to be thrown off the land fo rthe purpose of clearing it. in many instances they have the appearanceof cairns . but the oldest inhabitants of the county cannot furnish any information regarding them . sometime ago on excavating for the purpose of repairing a road stone coffins & other relics were discovered but there is no tradition extant, or even remembered in the country how such remains came there.

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suetwee the romana & picts (allies) and the scots - 4th century.
also site of battle between the english &galwegians (allies) and the scotch under edward bruce.

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