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james laird.
035 this name applies to a considerabnle tract of land the farm of machermors, it is ? and often inundated during ordinary tides. on
LOOP OF CARSNAW alex newal.
james laird.
035 a field on the farm of machermore which is bo unded on the nw. and s. by the river cree and on the east by a small fence. extending between two bends in the river cree.
MACHERMORE machermore castle.
alex newal.
john laird.
ainslies map 1820.
geo mc haffie esq.
035 a lsrge house on the farm of machermore, it is an old building and was the residence of the dunbar family, it is now the property and residence of r. nugent dunbar esq. it is situated on the banks of the river cree and about a mile south of n stewart.

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one of three semi fortified houses but of a very recent date apparently as compared to most of them. now is just the transition fromthe fortified house or castle to a common mansion house.ther is high & had dmall windows.

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